Choose Your Build Time: 20, 30 or 40 Weeks

InVogue and New Level, two of the leading two storey home builders in Perth, are running an exciting offer where prospective home buyers have more control over the cost and features of their future build.

The 20/30/40 range gives you the choice of a 20, 30, or 40 week build. The longer builds are more expensive, but offer unique advantages, while the faster builds are more efficient and economic. Buyers can choose between Lite, Hybrid, and Traditional builds. 

The Lite option features lightweight construction and modern design, the Hybrid is the ideal compromise in terms of budget and speed, while the Traditional comes with double brick construction on both floors, resulting in stronger insulation and a more durable home overall.

Let’s learn more about the advantages of this great deal from two of Perth’s best double-storey home builders.

Make A Statement on Your Own Terms 

One of the top advantages of the 20/30/40 Range is the level of control it gives you, allowing you to make a statement and choose the home that really works for you, not just in terms of your budget, but also in terms of features and timeframe.

Usually, when you go to a home builder, you have to operate on their terms, choosing from pre-set options and having little control over many aspects of construction and design, but InVogue is making the whole process more accessible, after all it is your new home.

With this range, you have the freedom to find a home that fits in with your budget, while still getting the same great standard of construction. Plus, if you need a home quickly, the 20 week builds can make everything a lot easier.

Choose From 11 Gorgeous Home Designs 

This range doesn’t just give you the freedom to choose the length of construction time and a price that works for you; it also allows you to choose from [eleven stunning new home designs], each with its own identity.

Examples include The Christian, with its open floor plan and impressive facade making it a superb family home, as well as The Winston, which features a two-tone exterior and sleek narrow lot design.

Whether you choose the modern elegance of The Hermes, the timeless elegance of The Chanel, or something else altogether, you’ll be getting a wonderful home at a price that suits you and in a style, you can be proud to show off.

The Hermes

Affordable Luxury

By choosing to build your two-storey home with InVogue, you can enjoy total luxury and inimitable comfort at an affordable price. It might sound too good to be true, but that’s what makes the 20/30/40 Range so irresistible.

[InVogues’] aim to offer excellent service, cutting-edge design, and affordable prices to every client has built a lot of happy homes over the years, proving that you don’t have to settle for second best, even if you don’t have the biggest budget.

With this exclusive offer, the home of your dreams is truly within touching distance, and with eight amazing designs to choose from and flexibility for budget and construction times, InVogue and New Level are giving you total control.

Let us help you get into a new double-storey home of your own, contact us now!