Uninterrupted Service Levels by InVogue. Don’t defer your new home dream.

COVID-19. Coronavirus. You can’t turn on the TV, check your socials or open a newspaper without hearing another update. It’s unknown, and when will I be able to buy pasta again?  

But for those able to look toward the future, now can be a wise time to progress your new home building dream. Deciding to continue in building a new home means you will be perfectly positioned to benefit from record-low interest rates.

Collaboration with InVogue just got easier.

We’re open and here for you as we continue to navigate through unprecedented challenges. As part of our social distancing response, we have the latest in modern technology and our team is available to you via email, phone or if you prefer face-to-face without leaving your home – we can video conference with you. Plus, our clients enjoy an online prestart selection tool which means when you build with us, you can choose your fixtures and finishing’s from your laptop! No unnecessary contact required.

We really appreciate that you could have concerns during this uncertain time, and we want to assure you our HQ has taken all the recommended precautionary measures from the expert agency organisations to ensure our visitors can enjoy a safe and secure experience.

At our core, we are a community-minded company and our greatest priority is the health and safety of our team, and our clients. With this in focus, our Operations team has completed a detailed response and are regularly communicating all updates from the expert advisory organisations to our staff to ensure compliance.

So, if you would prefer to visit display homes or come in and see us in our Showroom, you’re welcome.  But if you prefer to use this time to seek inspiration and explore different home designs options, now is a great time.

We are open for business and our dedicated teams are ready to help you continue your journey towards your new dream home.