Your questions answered

The thought of building a home may seem intimidating, but the experienced InVogue team are available to offer advice, guidance and ongoing support. After all, building your brand new single or two-storey home should be an exciting experience!

We’ve answered a range of the most frequently asked questions to help you through your journey, so have a read, and feel to touch base when you’re ready.

Demo and build Perth

Question: Do I need to have land before I choose a home design?

Answer: You don’t need to have land before you choose a home design as the InVogue design team have decades of combined experience and can alter your preferred design to suit most lots.

Alternatively, if choosing both land and a home design seems like a daunting process, you can choose a house and package in your preferred area – even better contact us and we can tailor a personalized solution for you.

Question: How long does it take to build a new home?

Answer: There are a multitude of factors to consider when building a two-storey home. The complexity of the site and intricacies of the design are major components which will determine how long the build will take. Generally speaking, an average build time using traditional construction methods can range from 10-12 months, from slab down.

Talk to your InVogue Senior Design Consultant to find out more.

Question: What is and isn’t included in a new home?

Answer: Inclusions will vary from builder to builder. An InVogue home has a wide range of select inclusions from premium brands for you to choose from, along with an additional selection of optional upgrades.

Contact your InVogue Senior Design Consultant for a complete list of inclusions.

Question: When is the right time to build?

Answer: In short, now.

From inner suburb developments through to estate subdivisions, land is starting to move. A key indicator that the market is turning is the number of days for a lot of property listings is getting shorter and shorter. The buying cycle is speeding up as supply vs demand begins to experience imbalance.

You’ve seen all this before. You know what happens next. Its land shortages, prices rising and people missing out. Talk to your InVogue Senior Consultant to find out more.

Question: What alterations and additions can I make to a standard plan?

Answer: At InVogue we understand that you can’t always find exactly what you want in a standard home design and that’s why we’re happy to work together to tailor a personalized plan to fit your individual needs. Whether you’d like to tweak one of our designs or start from scratch, there are no limitations to customize your dream home.

Question:  What are the benefits of building a two-storey home?

Answer: Space is the key benefit to building a two-storey home, being able to include all of the features you want, without sacrificing on room sizes and an outdoor area. Especially in Perth as lot sizes have declined significantly.

InVogues’ range includes 100+ two-storey designs priced between $300k-$400k to give you a new home, with new possibilities.

Question: What is a narrow lot home?

Answer: When built by a specialist builder, a narrow lot home is just like the regular family home you’re used to, just on a narrow lot.

As larger lots now quite limited, too far from the CBD or too expensive, InVogue has developed an extensive range of narrow lot homes with thoughtful designs to maximise your block and budget.

You can learn more about the distinct advantages of building on a narrow lot here.

Question: How does InVogue build?

Answer: As one of Perth’s leading two-storey home builders, developing homes with innovative and cutting-edge design features is always at the forefront of our minds, without compromising on value. All of our two-storey homes are affordable and they are designed to grow with you and your family.

An InVogue home is built in a traditional manner with double brick construction on both floors, resulting in stronger thermal and acoustic properties and a more durable home overall. Learn more about InVogue home.

Question: What is demo and build?

Answer: Demolish and rebuilding on your land is a great, feasible option to upgrading your home, without leaving the location you love. It also means you retain the equity in your land and don’t incur additional charges that come with buying a new home such as stamp duty, taxes and site costs.

InVogue offers a complete end to end service and our accomplished team help you every step of the way, from demolishing your existing home to designing and building your forever home. Stay in the location you love, and enjoy a new home with new possibilities. 

Question: Do InVogue build single storey homes?

Answer: Yes, InVogue offer a stunning range of traditionally built single storey homes designed specifically for the Perth market. Whether you’re a first home buyer, an investor, or looking to downsize our range will have something to suit your personal style.