When is the best time to build in Perth?

Building in Perth has certainly had some ups and downs in the past decade but with interest rates now at record lows, generous government incentives for first home buyers and house and land packages have never been more affordable, with the market moving into recovery, now is the best time to build.

But is there an ideal season to start building in Perth? We’ve listed the pros and cons of building in each.



  • Excellent weather conditions minimise the risk of a build being affected by the elements, especially before lock up stage.
  • Long, warm days make for excellent working conditions, which means fewer setbacks due to poor weather.
  • You can take time out with the family over the summer break and enjoy a holiday, while the builder oversees key stages of the project.


  • Building companies can book up through the summer months, so you need to plan ahead with a reputable builder.
  • Building tends to stop over the Christmas period, which can increase the length of your build.
  • Some families want to be in their new home over the Christmas holiday, so would rather start building earlier in the year.



  • The weather in Perth is still relatively mild in autumn, which means the building process is not usually adversely affected by the elements.
  • Starting in autumn (March to May) makes it more likely that your build will be completed before Christmas, so you can enjoy your new home over the festive season.
  • The major holidays are over, and you’re ready to get back into the swing of work, family and day-to-day routine.


  • Perth can experience high rainfall during April, so it is possible for the weather to close in during autumn and slow things down slightly.



  • Despite higher rainfall and poorer weather conditions, it doesn’t actually take that much longer to build a home in winter.
  • This is especially the case in Perth, where the ground does not freeze, and we do not experience the same problems faced by builders in colder parts of the world.
  • A good builder should have established methods for building effectively in winter; this includes ensuring the home is protected, especially before lockup occurs.
  • Some argue that materials are cheaper in winter months, as there is less demand.


  • Your build may take longer, although with a good builder, any increase in time should be negligible.
  • Days are shorter during winter, so some tradespeople may work shorter days. Although in Perth, most good tradespeople work the same number of hours.



  • Spring is traditionally the most popular time to build, especially in Perth.
  • The weather is ideal, with mild, fresh days, which are perfect for tradespeople and construction in general.
  • Starting a build in spring means 2 seasons of good conditions ahead.


  • Scheduling a builder can be more challenging, as demand for construction is high during the spring months.
  • It can be slower to get building permits approved during peak times, but if your builder is organised, this should not be too much of a problem.

If you’re planning to build in Perth, you really have the luxury of choosing a time that suits you and your family. A reputable home builder will be able to successfully complete your build on schedule and budget, no matter what time of year they get started.

We only recommend you choose a builder who has a good track record of completing projects on schedule, and to a high quality. It’s also important to speak with your builder as soon as possible, so they can set realistic targets for each stage of your build. That way you know exactly what to expect, and can relax and enjoy the building process.

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