Demolishing the Old and Building New with InVogue

Do you live in the ideal suburb that is very community orientated, you are close to a good school, shopping centre and public transport but want to change the house you live in? InVogue is here to help you make that change. It is time to demolish the old and build new.

The Iris

Your current home may have characteristics that you enjoy, but most of it is outdated and you’ve outgrown the home with your growing family, while the renovations you completed are no longer standing the test of time? Well now is the time to start over. Unlike renovating your existing home, by demolishing the old, you are starting with a blank canvas. It is up to you to how big you want the master bedroom, or what orientation the kitchen. You will be able to incorporate all the design elements and technologies you once missed out on. You will be in charge of designing your dream home, while the professionals at InVogue will be taking care of the demolition of your existing home.

Our award-winning, experienced team is on board to support you every step of the way, starting with the demolition of your old home, through to the designing and building your quality, dream home. InVogue have 100+ home designs between $300k-$400k for you to choose from, and if you cannot find your perfect home, we will custom design you a home.

The five steps of Demo and Build with InVogue

  1. Assessment
    We will assess your current block of land and home and talk you through your different possibilities and scenarios.
  2. Design
    You will work closely with our design team to incorporate all of your priorities into a design that you love and can see your family growing up in. This is where the magic starts.
  3. Demo
    We will have the demolition organised for your existing home and perform the necessary site works ready for your dream home to be built.
  4. Build
    The construction of your dream home will commence. From the slab to the timber laminate flooring being laid, your home will come together as you dreamed.
  5. Move In
    The keys are yours! It is time to move into your newly built InVogue home with your family. It may be a new home for you, but you are still in the perfect suburb next to your neighbourhood friends.

Has this got you excited? Start your demolition process today by taking the first step and contact InVogue. There is not time like the present for your dream ideal home to be brought to life.

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