The Top 6 Reasons to Consider a Fireplace in Your New Home Build

The winter season is coming. It is time to snuggle in with your family and friends with a new fireplace by InVogue. Not only is a fireplace about providing warmth but it also become a main feature within your home. There are so many different fireplaces to choose from, the wood, gas or even the electric fireplace, you will find one to suit your new InVogue home.

Are you ready to find out the top 10 reasons to why a fireplace is a need this winter? Read on:

The Iris


The warmth that a traditional fireplace releases is like no other. It is a warmth that is cosy and comforting. Just having the one fireplace will heat up the whole home and it is a must have in your new home.

Calming snap, crackle and pop

Nothing beats walking into a house with the fire lit after a cold day. Whether it is a wood-fire, gas or electric, watching the flames flickers and dance around is the perfect way to relax and unwind. The sound of the wood crackling and popping will leave your mind in a wonderous and meditative state.

Mess free (Gas log fire)

A gas fireplace is cost effective and mess free. It is also seen as a very safe option to have. It will bring the soul-soothing effects of a lustrous fire safely into your home. With many shapes and sizes, a gas fireplace can be installed into any and every room within your new InVogue home. There is no need for cleaning, or hauling of wood and it provides a constant heat to your home.

Electric fireplace

Having an electric fireplace in your new home is a mess free and an aesthetically pleasing. This cost effective and easy to install fireplace will provide the essential heat all year round. The electric fireplace is sleek in design. You are able to choose your design and colour of your new fireplace that will end up perfectly blending in with your new home and its décor. This type of fireplace does not need a chimney or any gas lines. It can be installed anywhere whether it be free standing or built into the wall. It is all up to you.

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Focal point in the room

Having a fireplace outlet in your new InVogue home will create a focal gathering place. A place for you and your family to gather and enjoy the radiating warmth and the company each person provides. With many fireplace designs to choose from, whether it be a traditional fire place or a stone fireplace, it will be enjoyed all year round.

Creates a feature- especially the double opening fire places

The double opening fire place is a must within your new home. One end will open up to the main living room/ entertaining area, while the other opens up to the second living area or the mater suite.

Once you’ve placed a fireplace within your home, you will never want it removed. Whether you choose a traditional wood fire or a sleek gas/ electric fireplace, it will be the perfect addition to your new InVogue home.

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