3 Distinct Advantages to Living on a Narrow Lot

Blocks of land in Perth are becoming smaller alongside the property markets trend towards blocks with narrower frontages and less space to build. As a result, large blocks are now being subdivided and narrow lots are becoming the new norm.

If you’re thinking you’ll have to sacrifice the style and luxury of your home for a narrower block of land, think again. Home builders and designers are creating clever new ways to take advantage of narrow lots around Perth. At InVogue we want to change the way you think about narrow lots, so here’s our top three reasons why you should consider a smaller, more narrow lot size.

1. Affordability

The most obvious advantage of choosing a narrow lot is the savings. Logically, the smaller the lot, the smaller the purchase price. By buying a smaller block of land you can save some cash to put towards other luxuries. Have you been sizing up that smart TV for a while now? Or perhaps you’re long overdue for a well-deserved holiday? Investing in a narrow lot means you can afford to splurge a little bit, or if you prefer you can put away your tidy little nest egg for a rainy day.

Alternatively, purchasing a narrow lot means you can afford to buy land in an area that may otherwise have been out of your reach. If you prefer to live close to the city, whether it’s for family, work, nightlife or just the dreaded fear of the freeway, built-up areas close to the CBD and its surrounding suburbs are always popular. So now you can live in your dream area without worrying about breaking the bank.

2. A Chance to get Creative

Bigger isn’t always better, and when it comes to narrow lots this saying couldn’t be more accurate. When purchasing a narrow lot it’s important to remember that small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of life. Instead, it allows you the opportunity to maximise your block space and design an innovative and distinctive double storey home for you and your family.

All you need to do is work smart when building your new home to ensure it suits the requirements of your block size, lifestyle and budget. Here are some top tips and tricks to utilising every last square centimetre of your space:

Build up: Narrow lots and [2 storey homes] are a match made in design heaven. By building a double storey home on a narrow lot, you can increase the number of rooms and living zones in your home and ensure you have enough space for future growth.

Let the light flood in: Two-storey homes are designed to encourage natural light in through cleverly placed windows and open living spaces to make your home look and feel more spacious – and an added bonus is it will make your home more energy efficient in the process.

Blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors: Narrow lots are a great opportunity to combine the indoor and outdoor by integrating living spaces with an alfresco or outdoor area. This will allow for a seamless flow and create the illusion of endless space. So, take full advantage of your block and strike the perfect balance between an indoor and outdoor lifestyle.

Narrow Lot Home Builder Perth
Indoor-Outdoor Living, The Alpha Display Home

3. Lock Up and Leave Lifestyle

Another main appeal of a narrow lot is that smaller homes can require less upkeep and maintenance. This means less gardening and more golfing and less cleaning and more Netflixing. Smaller homes will free up your time, allowing you to indulge in a lock and leave lifestyle and just live a little. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about that impromptu weekend down south or extended holiday overseas – and the money you save with a narrow lot will even help pay for it!

Good designers don’t just design a home, they design for the block. InVogue are the Narrow Lot Specialists, creating new concepts for those who purchase a smaller block and are dedicated to maximising available space and ensure your get your ideal home. Contact us today for more information on how to make the most of your narrow lot.

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