How to make a new house feel like a home

As highly experienced and respected 2 storey home builders in Perth, InVogue take the business of building homes, and not just houses, very seriously indeed. All of our home designs take into account the core concept that people will be living in these spaces for many years, and the layouts and amenities are specifically designed to give the maximum sense of homeliness, comfort, and practicality. To truly turn your new house into a home is a fun and exciting challenge that begins once you start to introduce your personal items and furniture to the interior. 

As you follow your individual pathway to creating your dream home, InVogue are here to help. We pride ourselves on being 2 storey home builders in Perth you can put your faith in.  

So, the day has finally come. The first and most stressful stage of chaos is over and you find yourself in your new house, surrounded by boxes, bewildered and wondering where to begin. Well, the first thing to do is to dig out the kettle and make a well-earned brew. Console yourself in the fact that the wait is over and everything that comes next is an exciting journey to turn an empty house shell into a treasured home. 

Here are some tried, tested ways of making your dreams become reality with effective planning and preparation, and the minimum of fuss.

Make a plan.

Organisation is the key, so before you do anything take time to visualise yourself in your new house and picture what items you are going to want easy access to on arrival. Make a list of those items and the things you want to achieve in specific order – it’s so much easier to stay calm and focused if you have a set idea of what you are doing and when. Use the list to effectively tackle the next step. 

Pack and label your boxes

This is one thing worth doing beforehand that will save you so much time and untold anguish later. We’d even go so far as to suggest having a full list of the contents of each box inside its flap. For each moment it takes to note items down as they are packed you will save a thousand more darting from box to box shouting “Where’s the charger?” Pack items in logical groups and then make a note on the flap before moving on. You will thank us later.   

Unpack some essentials in the kitchen

Now we weren’t joking about that kettle. Whatever your comfort beverage of choice is, you’re going to need copious amounts of it over the next days and weeks, so having the equipment you need is going to be invaluable. Hopefully, you’ve put together and labelled a box of kitchen essentials that can get you through those first chaotic hours. It’s for you to decide what will make for the easiest snacks to prepare in this situation, but have the things you need to hand and life will be so much easier.

Focus on the master bedroom

Even if you started early in the day and are ahead of the game in your preparations, your time on day one is going to be limited. The benefits of getting a good night’s rest in this situation should not be underestimated and the more comfortable you can make your bedroom the easier everything else will seem. Have a box of bedroom essentials packed just as you did for the kitchen. Easy access to sheets, towels, toiletries, and even curtains is going to be worth its weight in gold when making the room as homely as possible. Be sure to call it a day before over-tiredness and an understandable sense of being overwhelmed by it all take a toll. Relax and look forward to the hard work that lies ahead of you in corralling this crazy maelstrom of stuff into a pleasingly well-organised home.  

Set up the stereo and the TV

The time is going to pass so much more pleasantly with your favourite music playing as you work, and there’s no better way to relax during downtimes than by switching on the TV and zoning out for a few minutes. Take the time to get these things operational early on and you will feel more at home already. 

Clean the place from top to bottom

This will depend largely on whether you are moving into a new house or one that was previously lived in. As conscientious 2 storey home builders in Perth, InVogue ensure that all new builds are pristine and ready to go, but that is not always the case in other situations. Unpack the absolute essentials and nothing else until you are happy that the place is spick and span. It helps with a feeling of ownership to clean your own space too and all goes towards making a house feel like your home.

Unpack and arrange the rest according to your list

Now comes the labour-intensive part, but just focus on one step after another, take your time and follow the list. Group the boxes in rooms that they will eventually inhabit and be systematic. As your personal items slowly appear and begin to take their places the feeling of creating your own home anew will become stronger and stronger. As photographs and sentimental items are unpacked take time to interact with each one and relish the positive feelings associated with it. Welcome it to your new home and feel happy that it is there with you. 

Invite friends over

It may be that you have called in some favours from close friends and family in order to get through the move. Now is the time to invite them to a relaxed gathering to show them your appreciation and let them see all the hard work you’ve done. This is the stuff of building new memories in your home and should be filled with laughter and fun. In Australia, we are lucky to have great weather so perhaps a barbie in the back garden would be just the ticket.  

Should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact the InVogue team of 2 storey home builders in Perth and one of our team members will be only too happy to help.