Why home security is important

In the modern world, it is a fact that we should all consider installing a home security system of some description but there are perhaps more good reasons to do so than it first appears. The days of wired boxes linked to moving plungers that break the circuit when released are gone and a modern security system can perform many more functions than just making a huge racket if someone opens a door or window. It is no coincidence that the best 2 storey builders in Perth, WA protect their offices and new builds with such sophisticated devices. Here are a few points you may not have considered:

Overall crime is reduced 

Recent studies have shown that, as the number of home security systems in an area increase, the overall number of residential robberies will decrease exponentially. This effect is seen in the area as a whole and not just for the houses with the systems. The knock-on effect is real and having a security system not only protects you but also helps to create a safer neighbourhood for everyone around you.

close up-woman checking security camera

You can control your home systems remotely

Modern security systems now come equipped with all kinds of extra bells and whistles that allow you to remotely monitor what’s happening in your home from your laptop or phone while you’re away. We’ve all seen the commercials where someone interacts with a person at their front door from miles away, well that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The options are almost limitless and you can monitor the feed from security cameras and microphones located in and around your premises with just an app. 

Top-of-the-range security systems really are all-encompassing and are about so much more than just protecting your home from intruders. You can also interact with other smart devices in your home, including your thermostat, lighting, and even the fridge! Giving someone access to your home remotely via the keyless entry option is possible if you so wish and you can turn the lights and individual plug sockets on and off to give the impression of someone being at home whenever you want. You will never have to worry that the kids have locked themselves out or you’ve left the iron on again and your electric bills will be reduced if you control your devices efficiently. The future is here and it is making our lives easier and our communities safer and better connected all the time.  

Your homeowner’s insurance will be reduced

It has been shown that having an advanced security system protecting your home can lower your homeowner’s insurance by up to 20%. Even taking into account the monthly fees that cover the cost of the service, that still represents a saving in most cases and brings with it all the benefits of that high-tech system, effectively for nothing.

Fire or gas-leak notifications

One of the myriad options that modern security systems incorporate is the ability to have the system notify you if a gas leak is detected or if any of your smoke alarms are activated. This notification can also go directly to the fire department if you want and they can instantly be alerted to any ongoing situation. Heat detectors can also be added to a home security system and they can determine if a fire is occurring in a specific area of the home and provide advance notice of even the smallest of changes in heat, thus limiting damage from fire as much as possible. You can take advantage of instant access to emergency services when required and feel more safe and secure in your home at all times.

Works as a child monitor

Using the camera and audio feed you can have one eye and ear constantly on your baby or toddler or even your pets whilst elsewhere in the house. This is not a new concept, but with high-quality cameras and audio devices the image has never been clearer and you can even take a peep at how your family and loved ones are doing while you’re thousands of miles away on a business trip and adjust the temperature if you want. If the kids are with a babysitter you can check in on them at any time, and even speak to them directly. 

Increase the value of your home

It is a fact of life that small, seemingly innocuous additions to our homes can improve the positive impression that potential buyers get on entering a property, and thereby its perceived value. From brewing fresh coffee and baking bread to rearranging the furniture, there is a fine art to the business of selling a house. If those tiny changes can cause an exponentially more favourable impression, then just imagine how much positivity is created when viewers realise that there is an integrated home security system in place and they can turn on the radio from space?

Your peace of mind is assured

There are lots of other, less significant benefits to having a home security system that incorporates cameras but they are all positive in some way, whether you are monitoring the behaviour of your pet and talking to them while you’re at work to keep them company or recording the behaviour of wildlife cavorting in your back garden you will have a whole new view of your property and how it looks and feels while you are away. 

Statistically, we are less likely to be the victims of crime than ever before, but the sense of safety and comfort you will gain from having a modern, whole-house integrated security system is priceless nonetheless. It will give you the confidence to get on with the business of enjoying your life, knowing that you are protected from all angles by the best technology that money can buy. InVogue’s team of highly experienced 2 storey builders in Perth are all in agreement that this kind of system is a must-have element of modern living and one which will change the way you look at home security forever. 

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