10 Ways to Make A Narrow Lot Home Feel Bigger

Building on smaller lots of land is increasingly more common in Perth, WA as larger lots are now limited, too far from the CBD or too expensive. There are several ways a narrow lot home can be designed to feel more spacious, such as giving it an open layout, building up with a second storey and inviting the outside in with glass doors, large windows and skylights. You can also maximize the available space with clever styling.

These ten easy interior design tricks will guarantee you feel comfortable in your new narrow lot home.

1. Light is your friend

French or stacking patio doors allow you to open up for airflow and invite natural light in, making the home feel more expansive. The interior designer ‘not so secret’ tip is using mirrors to give the impression of infinity and creating a layered effect that reflects an abundance of space and light. Using a few lamps spread around continues this effect once the sun has gone down.

2. Keep things off the floor

Maximise your floor space and streamline the design of your bathrooms by installing a wall-mounted vanity rather than choosing a freestanding model. You can even wall-mount the tv unit in your living room. Floating furniture allows the spaces to feel larger as the flooring will be uninterrupted. Added bonus – it’s easier to clean underneath!

Narrow Lot Home
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3. Stick to a colour scheme

Having too many clashing colours or loud patterns in a small space can make it feel busy. Opting for a complementary colour scheme of one main and one feature colour to paint the walls, considering your large pieces of furniture so you can create consistency and harmony throughout your home. 

4. Elongate the room

High or interesting lines, such as raking ceilings, draw the eyes up and makes the home appear more spacious. Decorating with interesting features such as a vertical herb garden in the kitchen or a floor to ceiling bookshelf in the living zone are key to making rooms appear taller. 

5. Multifunctional furniture is the best

This is where you can start thinking outside the box. Get creative with furniture choices such as a sofa bed for the lounge room or a hydraulic lift bed with built-in storage. Ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, suitable for bedrooms or living spaces as extra seating for guests or even as a coffee table. They’re also perfect for storage, from spare blankets to board games. Collapsible chairs that can be folded up and put away or tables with an adjustable size are also smart investments for a narrow lot home.

6. Window coverings matter

Avoid heavily patterned prints and darker coloured curtains or blinds which can crowd a room, making it feel smaller. Lighter window coverings are less likely to fade in the sun, and block out curtains in a white/light colour will keep rooms cooler by repelling the sun’s rays away.

7. Make a statement 

Don’t be too shy to make a statement with your furniture. Rather than having four armchairs cluttering up your living space, choose a bold, large sofa for your family to enjoy together instead. Make it cosy with throw pillows that compliment your colour palette. Artwork is another key investment in your home and most importantly, you should always choose a piece that you love. If large form canvas is out of your budget, you can choose smaller pieces and hang like a gallery wall or as a collage. 

Narrow Lot Home
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8. Have a spring clean

You’ll never have a better opportunity to declutter your life than when you’re about to move. Start one room at a time and use the four-box method: rubbish, donate, sell, or keep. Do you really need that ugly blanket that sheds fluff everywhere? Are you ever going to use that ice cream maker again? Be honest with yourself, sell what you can and get rid of the rest.

9. Define 

Area rugs are a great way to add structure to an open concept home and help the area to feel larger and finished. Personal items can and should be used to decorate your space, taking a minimalist approach. Too many will give the illusion your home is smaller and more crowded than it is, so create symmetry with your knick-knacks on display by grouping a few like items and remember, you don’t need accents on every single surface. 

Narrow Lot Home
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10. The golden rule

The most important rule of all when it comes to styling a narrow lot home is to keep it simple. Create symmetry and consistency with perfectly proportioned pieces which amplify the beauty of your home.

11. The bonus rule

The team at InVogue are the specialists in narrow lot designs with spacious, stylish homes. We can maximise your space with a clever design so you don’t have to compromise on what you want. Having your narrow lot home built by a specialist narrow lot builder will help ensure the space is fully maximized.

If you’d like to walk through Narrow Lot living at its best, you’re welcome to visit The Alpha Or to learn more about how InVogue can help you get your Narrow Lot double storey forever home, speak to one of our friendly team members now at (08) 9202 9202.

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