Creating a Luxurious Master Suite Retreat

Over time, we have seen the ‘main bedroom’ transform from a humble, functional room into a more luxurious, resort-style master suite retreat in custom design. Now topping the list for new home builders’ must-haves, as they seek a peaceful refuge to truly disconnect, unwind and indulge in self-care.

When you start designing your master, think about how you want to use the space and also, the best location in your home. You could choose to have all the bedrooms upstairs, for one large quiet zone. This is a benefit for families with young children who want to remain close, and if you choose a design with a balcony this will extend your retreat with outside space and a view.

Seclusion is what you’re after? Design the master upstairs with the children’s quarters located downstairs, or vice versa. If downstairs, a private courtyard connected to the master will provide a quiet outdoor area. Either option allows for stunning French or stacker doors, inviting an abundance of natural light and free-flowing fresh air.

Whichever direction you choose, take inspiration from the latest new home trends so you can custom design your home to suit your lifestyle, for your enjoyment and liveability.

Comfort is key for a peaceful sleep space, and there is nothing more inviting than a big cosy bed dressed with a throw blanket and lots of cushions. A rug on the floor and flowing window coverings add a layer of dimension to the room. Finish with a beautiful piece of artwork above your bed and lighting that can be dimmed for ambiance.

2017 Telethon Home
2017 Telethon Home

Extend the master suite through to an ensuite of opulence. There are many tricks that can be applied to deliver a room that is both functional and fabulous. Tile choice is a vital component as the right tile will open up the area. There are many styles to choose from, but for a timeless execution think light and bright floor to ceiling wall tiles which will offset well with a wide variety of floor tiles, think patterned black or grey with white or long timber style tiles.

A wall-mounted vanity and bespoke mirror with hidden storage will make the room feel more expansive. And if space allows, a free-standing bath with luxurious fixtures such as black or gold tapware, under a sparkling chandelier will give the feeling of an ultimate escape.

2015 Telethon Home
2015 Telethon Home

And no retreat is complete without an oversized walk-in robe, or better yet, a dressing room.  Carefully plan designated spaces considering how much full-length and half-length space is needed for dresses, coats and pants – you can streamline the look with sliding doors to hide any untidiness. Think about shelving and drawers for your other items like shoes, folded clothes and accessories like bags, hats, and jewellery. And how about a concealed laundry hamper, or a dedicated make-up space including a stool and a mirror. Having a clear idea about what you need now, and in the future will ensure no space is wasted.

The Iris
The Iris

Still want to knock it up a notch? A private sitting area either outside the master or incorporated within provides a peaceful spot to curl up and steal a moment for yourself. Create your perfect oasis with a comfortable chair or sofa, a cosy rug to define the area and a gorgeous lamp on a side table so you can relax with a book and a cup of tea – or glass of wine. 

2014 Telethon Home - Luxurious Master Suite Retreat
2014 Telethon Home

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