Top 5 Narrow Lot Design Tips

Top 5 Narrow Lot Design Tips

Through the use of intelligent designs, InVogue will design and build you a stylish narrow two-storey home. Having a narrow block size does not mean choosing between luxury and functionality, but instead giving you the creative freedom to maximise space through an intuitive sleek design. Through the use of creative designs elements and smart design techniques, you will result in a home that is both sophisticated and contemporary.

Now is the time to start exploring the design possibilities when building on a narrow block. Read on!

  1. Open plan living

You are not choosing between luxury and functionality, but instead opening your home to the flow. The flow between the kitchen, dining and living room, however it does not stop there. You are opening the inside of your home to the outside.

Choosing sliding doors, large windows and neutral colours will help with the consistent movement within the home. This is a way to maximise the space creating dimension and layers.

InVogue has a range of home designs to suit you and your lifestyle. The year 2021 is all about spending time with those you love so why not start by opening up your home.  

  • Natural light-filled rooms

Now let there be light. In a narrow home, natural light is what you need the most. InVogue is here to exceed the expectations of two-storey living through the use of cleverly placed windows and skylights allowing the light to bounce from wall to wall. 

Let us change your mind about two-storey narrow living through the optimisation of space and the grand feeling of natural light. It is now time to bring the outside into your home, and adore the natural sun light that Perth has to offer.

InVogue will work closely with you to ensure you are optimising the space and the natural light you can receive.

  • High ceilings

Although you may not have the width, you have the height in your new two-storey narrow styled home. Allowing the smallest of rooms feel grand. The openness of these rooms is inviting and welcomes in more natural light due to the elegant high ceilings. The airy feel that will be brought into your home will create a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Creating a void space within the main living areas will also bring in a sense of grandness within the home, further it creates a sense of openness and a connection between the upstairs and downstairs. Your home will be unique in style.

  • Eliminate underutilised space

Building a narrow-styled home comes at many advantages, one being you can eliminate the underutilised space. There is no need for clutter in 2021. The year 2021 is all about being opened minded and surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, and this all comes from having a clean space to come home to.

With the elimination of underutilised space, means creating unique storage solutions. From under the staircase storage to hallway cupboards, we have the solution for you. This gives you a chance to be creative with the style of your home and the materials chosen.

Now is the time to plan and calculate the type of spaces you need within your home, from scullery to alfresco or private retreat areas, InVogue will be there with you from design to the build.

  • Impressive landscape

Creating an impressive landscape for your new two-storey narrow styled home will require you to think outside the box. Through the use of vertical gardens, sliding doors and earthy tones, you can turn your backyard into a little oasis. It is about being innovative and working out how each element can help sustain you and bring you closer to your new home.

InVogue is here to help you create the perfect outdoor extension to your narrow block. Start your inspiration board now!

Are you ready to take the first step in designing and building your new home with InVogue? Use these 5 tips to get you on your way. Now it’s your turn to choose your narrow block, and gathering your inspiration, or click here to see how we’ve designed our narrow lot homes.

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