Scullery or Butler’s Pantry, What is the difference?

Scullery, Butler’s Pantry and what is the difference?

Including a scullery or butler’s pantry in your new InVogue home is a must-have feature, not only for entertaining guests but for family life too. Whether you are a Master Chef, someone who loves to cook or entertain, or simply a family cook, having a scullery or butler’s pantry is what you need in your kitchen.

It is time to answer the most common question when designing your new kitchen with InVogue: What is the difference between a scullery and a butler’s pantry, and should I include one in my new home?

What is a scullery?
A scullery in short terms is another small kitchen leading off of your main kitchen. It has a place for food to be prepared in, to clean and wash dishes. It is the perfect addition to your home if you are into entertaining and catering.

There are many benefits to having a scullery including it is a way to increase the capacity of your kitchen to ensure your guests comfort is put first rather then moving them away from the kitchen to make room for the food.

A scullery is a luxury item within your new home, it brings class and grace.

There are three different sculleries to choose from when designing your home.

  • The walk-in scullery: Used as additional storage to your kitchen i.e., Food, dishware and appliances.
  • A hidden scullery: Placed behind the kitchen, equipped with a sink and of course additional storage. This will help with meal prep and a place to hide all the mess while you use your main kitchen to cook and entertain.
  • A sectioned scullery: This involves sectioning off a part of your kitchen and placing it behind closed doors. This creates a mess free kitchen, an easy prep area and of course keeps the aesthetic of the kitchen looking sleek.

What is a butler’s pantry?
A butler’s pantry is seen as being smaller than a scullery and is more of a storage zone rather than a preparation and cook zone. It effectively is a large walk-in pantry and has further storage for unused appliances.

Having a butler’s pantry in your new home allows you to be more organised and prepared for the meals to come. It is a perfect way to hide mess from your guests when entertaining and a place to store appliances.

The butler’s pantry is where you store all of your dry food, can display glassware, plates and other appliances therefore making more room in the kitchen for food and the everyday appliances like the microwave and coffee machine. A butler’s pantry can often host your fridge.

Depending on the type of cook you are, you can decide to place a sink inside the pantry and a simple drying rack. This will come into handy when you have guests over and a dish or two needs rinsing off.

What have you decided to put into your new InVogue Home? A scullery or a butler’s pantry? Now is the time to contact InVogue to discuss your future home plans and how you can incorporate your new scullery or butler’s pantry into your design.

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