Home Builder Turns Valley Vision To Reality

Dreaming of a beautiful home in the serene Swan Valley, homeowners Chanelle and David had their wish come true when they engaged the expertise of InVogue to build a sleek four-bedroom, two-bathroom abode in the heart of Dayton.

With the house completed, Chanelle began studying interior design and has been inspired to modify and change a few rooms in her own home while helping friends who are also building.

Chanelle and David sat down with New Homes to talk about the experience of seeing their vision come to fruition.

What prompted you to build rather than buy established?

As a couple we decided to build something that was our own, something we could design and have a say in.

What was your vision for the home?

We essentially wanted a home that we, and later our children, could live, grow and feel comfortable in. I very much doubt we will be selling it for a few years, so we wanted to make it functional for a family.

What’s your favourite part of the house?

We would have to say our bedroom. We have styled it a little differently to the rest of the house by giving it more of a French provincial look. We wanted to create a classy look, but also deliver a vintage feeling in the space.

Would you change anything about the experience?

Looking back, I think it would have been a better design choice to have doubled the size of our wardrobe. That is definitely something we will consider doing should we decide to build again.

Would you ever build again?

We would absolutely love the opportunity to build again. We see building a first home as a stepping stone where you realise the things you loved the first time around and the things you would change next time.

If you could give advice to people who are thinking about building, what would you say to them?

My only word of advice would be to keep in contact with the building supervisor and do regular check-ups on the progress of the build. It is easier to change and amend things as they being done rather than after they have been completed.

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This article by Sandra Argese was published in the New Homes magazine in The Weekend West, 15 June 2019.