Home Office Popularity On The Rise

Thanks to advancements in digital technology working from home has become much more accessible, so including office space in your new two-storey home can be a smart investment for your future. If you’re able to work from home, read on to see a few reasons why it’s important to dedicate a clear zone in your new home for work.

Our top tips to design an integrated office space into your home:

Firstly, consider how the space will be used.  Who will be using the space, and will it be shared? How tidy and organised are each of the users? Also think about how disciplined the users are and whether they will need complete peace away from distractions. Understanding how your space will be used is the first step in planning an effective home office.

Think about storage early, you’ll need adequate storage for now and well into the future. You can maximise the space through careful furniture choices, such as slimline desks that will integrate with new tech. It’s not usually recommended but if you do have a preference for built-in furniture, consider how it can be re-purposed should your needs for the space change. Can it convert into a display cabinet of personal treasures, or can you add baskets to contain children’s toys’ if growing your family is something you desire?  The rise of cloud-based storage and paperless processes mean you probably won’t need to include a full-sized filing cabinet, so a smaller set of drawers that fits under the desk or a corner and has a filing draw is likely to be sufficient to meet your needs. Drawers also allow for a designated spot for stationery, cords, and basically anything else in a home office that can cause clutter very quickly to become unorganized, depressing productivity.

Plantation - Home Office Popularity On The Rise
The Plantation

If you are looking at running a business from home, remember to carefully review LGA regulations around the use of the space, and there are rules in place on the type of business you may be able to run from your home. You’ll also need to consider the privacy needs of both your clients and your family. For example, if you have clients visiting for appointments, you might want to design the home with the office space directly off the entry, with easy access to a powder room so your family space remains completely separate to your business dealings.

Styling is a very personal choice, and although a minimalist style is popular, a home office can benefit from layering different textures, creating a high impact and warm space regardless of the colour palette chosen. A peaceful colour palette would favour lighter, natural tones for a calming vibe or for a more energetic, creative atmosphere you might want a vibrant mix of bold colours and patterns.

The Scullin - Home Office Popularity
The Scullin

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