How To Get The Most Use Out Of Your Bonus Space

Bonus room, flex area, double-duty rooms, multi-use space – no matter what you call it, modern double storey homes are intelligently designed to grow with your family, and that is why customisable space is so important! So how many ways are there to use this space for the enjoyment of your family? Read on!

Young Children

Activity room! All parents will enjoy having one dedicated space that the children can safely play together in. With the added bonus that you can close the door if it’s a bit loud – and to hide away the mess of toys, books and games.

Remember saying ‘kids don’t have that much stuff?’ It’s not true, they do and somehow it just keeps multiplying!

Growing Children

As your children start to grow, so does their friendship circles, leading into all sorts of bonus children running around in your home.

A good-sized flex space is the perfect place for sleepovers, just push any furniture out of the way, roll out the sleeping bags and away you go.

And there is sure to be plenty of room for a dancefloor too.

Cinema Experience

If you’re a movie buff, and love spending time with your family watching your favourite movies – what could be better than a home theatre?

Furnish yours with big comfortable couches, beanbags and side tables to keep your movie snacks in reach. Don’t forget the block out blinds to cut out any glare from your big screen smart TV and if you want to go all out – surround sound will help you feel like you out at the cinema.

A home cinema can also double as a gamer’s paradise, as you’ll already have the comfy seating and screen already in place!

Avid Reader

For a lover of books, would you love anything more than you own library?!

First things first, you’ll need shelves to house your beloved collection. These should be complimentary to the style of your home to ensure rooms cohesively flow. Next up is comfortable seating that you can curl up with your favourite author. And don’t forget a side table for your cup of tea or glass of wine, and a lamp to keep the words well it.

Most importantly, personalise your space with your own unique touches from artwork to rugs and throw cushions.

Health & Wellbeing

If a home gym is what’s lacking in your life, transform your bonus space into a exercise room! Whether it’s adding a treadmill for cardio, retreat style yoga studio, or weights room – the choice is yours but with the right planning, you can incorporate multiple pieces of equipment to for a full body work out!


If your flex space is designed with four walls and a privacy door, there’s no reason this space couldn’t be converted to a guest suite if you’re expecting guests to stay longer than a few days. Whilst a walk-in-wardrobe or ensuite wouldn’t be part of the mix, there’s no reason you couldn’t furnish the room with a comfy bed, storage solution for personal belongings and maybe even a sitting area so everyone in the home still has private quarters to retreat to – a must for long-term visitors.


Bigger than a standard home office, the entrepreneur of the family could begin a thriving home business with plenty of space to arrange a good-sized desk and computer equipment, comfortable seating for clients as well as cupboards or shelving for any products that may need to be stored.

If this is the solution for your family, ensure you have a door that can be closed at any time. Keeping business separate from the rest of the family quarters ensures balance so that worktime is productive and downtime can be enjoyed.

Ultimately the major benefit of flexible space is that it maximises functionality by easily adapting to how you want to use your home. And by ensuring everyone in the family gets what they need. And when it comes to resale, the versatility for prospective new owners to personalise the space to their own unique needs will be beneficial.

Imagination is the only limitation, if you’d like to discuss building your own two-storey home with flexible space to suit your family’s unique needs, contact InVogue.