Interior design ideas for new home builds

Perhaps you’ve already started down the momentous path of building your own brand-new home using InVogue’s sensational Your Choice range and thoughts are now turning to the exciting subject of the interior and how your grand vision will turn out. It’s often difficult to know where to begin when faced with the ultimate blank canvas of a brand-new home so with that in mind, we’ve put together a few questions to ask yourself before you start, and some practical ideas and fundamental principles to help guide you on your journey.

Make a list of your thoughts and ideas

Planning interior themes and decorating your home needn’t be a stressful experience. In fact, we believe it’s where the most fun lies. With the freedom to explore your creativity and let your imagination run wild, interior design is the place where you can really start to express yourself and your personal style. 

Take some time to really think about how you want your dream home to look and feel. Visualise the space and ask yourself these questions and any others that you think are pertinent: 

  • What kind of atmosphere do you want to create? 
  • Will your theme be consistent throughout the home or change from space to space?
  • Does it feel light and brightly lit, or darker and more subdued?
  • Are there any ideas and plans that are already fixed in your mind?
  • Is it homely and filled with personal items or more spartan in its stylings? 
  • Do you prefer that the colours be bright and bold or more subtle and classical?
  • Would modern or traditional decor suit you best? New or vintage?

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Each home will inevitably be as unique and individualistic as its inhabitants. 

Whether you’re a family of four excitedly waiting to move into your new 2 storey InVogue masterpiece or a single professional who will be working from your custom-designed narrow lot home, this has to become a space that you actually want to spend quality time in. 

Be honest with yourself about what will make you happy in the long run.

You might adore the concept of a vintage-style, bohemian look in theory, but if you hate clutter then it’s not going to transform your home into the peaceful haven you want it to be. 

Make an ‘inspiration’ board

Collate any images, colours, and textures that inspire you and that you can refer back to as your project gains momentum. Paint colour samples from the hardware store or strips of fabric from your local haberdashery are a great place to start. 

Handy hint: Always try and collect two samples as it will be very useful to carry one around to reference colours and textures when you eventually go on the hunt for furnishings, accessories, and all that fun stuff.

Check out websites like Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, and allow yourself to just follow your nose sometimes and see where it leads. That’s when you might come across some of the coolest, most unusual ideas and objects. 

Just as in ‘brainstorming’ there is no right or wrong in this, it is merely a process of finding lots of things that inspire you and pulling them together into a general theme. 

A shocking pink might not work for the carpet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accentuate a room with a dash of it in the form of an accessory or decoration.  

Interior Design

Form vs function

Style is crucially important, of course, but functionality has to be taken into consideration seriously too. An equilibrium of style and practicality must be reached, and it is for you to decide where the balance lies. 

What are the basic, immutable practicalities you need to ensure are catered for? 

It’s no use creating a calm space for yoga and meditation if it has to immediately be filled with office equipment. 

InVogue have designed a range of beautiful, customisable homes that make use of stunning elevations, clever zoning and free-flowing living spaces. 

Choose your range of colours 

Should the space be predominantly pale and light, with splashes of vivid colour? 

Will the walls be a neutral backdrop to be livened up elsewhere, or be colourful and vibrant themselves? Here you’ll make good use of your inspiration board and samples. Look at them carefully and think about which colours best complement each other. Move them around and ask yourself if any of them will be too dominant if overused?  

If you already have access to the space that you’ll be transforming then don’t be afraid to break out the masking tape and start putting colour combinations up around the place. It’s remarkable how different things look in situ. 

As a general guide:

  • Plant-based colours and earth tones will help create an inviting feeling of warmth. 
  • Whites and light -Pale colours will tend to be more minimalist but are easier to use as a neutral surface upon which to add and accentuate other colours. When infused with other colours they can feel warmer or cooler depending on your preference.
  • Deeper, darker colours give a room a subdued vibe and convey sensations of calm and luxury. 

For some exciting contrasts, you’ll find that juxtaposed blues and oranges give a dynamic effect. This is also true for yellows and purples, and reds and greens. 

They are exact opposites of each other and create an interesting discordance if used sparingly.

The importance of light 

Lighting choices really make or break any space and most great interiors often make use of three types of lighting:

  • Accent lighting emphasises specific features.
  • Task lighting is purely functional and is often adjustable directionally. 

Try to incorporate a mixture of these three in each room to your own taste. Consider utilising dimmer functions in certain areas and highlighting exceptional objects or features in others. Give your home’s lighting the attention it deserves and you will be on the right pathway to creating the perfectly lit interior. 

Add colour and interest with wall art and accessories

Finally, it cannot be overstated how important it is to not only choose art and objects that will compliment your overall scheme but that you love. You will have to interact with these objects every day and the experience will be all the richer if you have chosen things you genuinely enjoy rather than ones that simply fit the theme. 

If you tire of your choices or decide to change the style in the future you can simply take them down and start again!

Enjoy the experience

Building your own home with the help of the experts at InVogue, and then creating the interior of your dreams from scratch is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be embraced and relished. If you accept the challenge and commit yourself fully to enjoying the process then you will get the most out of this experience and that will be reflected in the results. 

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