Plants That Will Attract Prosperity, Positivity and Good Luck To Your New 2 Storey Home

Plants have an essential role in directing the natural flow of good energy inside our homes. They also help cleanse the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and offer stress reduction.

According to Feng Shui, several plants are considered good luck plants. Furthermore, it is believed that some plants can bring wealth, fortune, love, and luck. 

There is no better time to consider which plants are going to be perfect for your home than during the design phase. If you are looking to or currently engaging with the team at InVogue regarding your dream 2 storey home design then this article will be perfect for you.


The orchid was a popular plant in ancient Japan, and kings regarded it as a sign of prosperity. Due to their enormous flowers and bright colours, these plants are attractive, lucky indoor plants. Besides bringing wealth and good luck to your house, Orchids are also considered to provide you with love. Specifically, they are said to aid in the search for a suitable life partner.



The Tulsi or holy basil, according to Vastu shastra, is one of the most powerful, sacred, and auspicious plants for enhancing positivity at home. Furthermore, Tulsi is regarded as one of the most promising plants in Hindu households. It purifies the air and is supposed to help with coughs, colds, and other illnesses. The plant may also help eliminate bacteria, remove toxins from the blood, detoxify the digestive and circulatory systems, and remove negative energy.


These plants are said to bring good luck, riches, and fortune to those who keep them at home and work. Moreover, the five aspects of feng shui are also considered to be represented by lucky bamboo, making it a lucky and prosperous sign.

Peace Lily 

This plant is native to tropical Americas. It has the capacity to remove all sorts of pollutants from the environment. Also, Peace Lilies prefer to grow in the shadows and require very little light. Peace lilies are an excellent addition to any area since they assist in purifying the air and bringing a sense of peace. Since the plant draws positive energy, it is also beneficial to one’s emotional well-being. By purifying the air, it enhances the flow of energy in the home.

Mother-in-laws Tongue 

This plant emits positive chi energy and is best placed in the house or office’s Southeastern, Southern, and Eastern corners. They safeguard the area by combating negative energy. It has the capacity to absorb toxic gases from the air and remove poisons like formaldehyde and benzene. When combined with others, this healthy plant may also assist in creating natural humidity.

Parlour Palms 

The parlour palm is a popular houseplant that is said to bring good fortune and wealth. Indoor palms are also used as an air filter and to improve equilibrium in Feng Shui culture. The optimum light for parlour palms is bright, indirect light, but they will tolerate some shadow. Thus, you will have to keep away from draughts and intense sunshine, as they will burn the leaves.


In Asia, the Jade Plant stimulates money forces and is a famous good luck charm. This lovely succulent plant has vivid green leaves that represent growth and regeneration and look a lot like jade coins or stones, which symbolise riches and success. Furthermore, The Jade plant emits beneficial “chi,” or pleasant energy. It is a customary gift for business owners and managers. 

Rubber Plant 

Rubber plants may be useful in any location, but, like the jade plant, it is thought to be highly promising in the wealthy area or even the entrance hall of the house. The plant’s spherical leaves are said to signify money or success. In Feng Shui, the plant’s spherical leaves are indicative of money and wealth. When the plant is kept in the house, it brings luck, plenty, and a rise in riches. 

Areca Palm 

Areca palms have several advantages, like being one of the greatest tropical foliage plants, being easy to cultivate, and purifying the interior air. With little effort, the delicate texture leaves of the areca palm stay green all year. It can render a tropical touch to your home, making it more beautiful. With enormous, fan-like leaves, the giant fronds also make a striking impression. Most importantly, the Areca Palm plant attracts riches, serenity, and success into the home by repelling bad energy and attracting positive energy.


Jasmine is a flower that is supposed to bring luck and good energy to your relationship. The plant’s pleasant scent clears the atmosphere of negative energy. Therefore, you should place it in a location where you will spend time with your loved ones. Also, since jasmine oil is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs, it is a fantastic plant for single ladies or anybody looking to keep the romance alive. 


The lotus is a sign of good health, long life, good fortune, and honour. A deity’s statue or idol rests atop a lotus blossom in Hindu mythology. Meanwhile, lotus also symbolises purity of speech, mind, and body in Buddhism. According to legend, Gautama Buddha’s first step resulted in a lotus flower blooming everywhere he went. Thus, it is without a doubt charged with positive energy capable of bringing good fortune, academic achievement, and social prestige.


These bright yellow and gold flowers can signify good fortune, similar to a pot of gold. However, other faiths regard marigolds as a form of protection from evil spirits, which is a form of good fortune in and of itself. As for care, Marigolds require full sun and well-drained soil, and they bloom from spring through the first frost in the fall.



Finally, with its large, delicate, and abundant blooms, it is no wonder that Peonies are associated with success, wealth, love, and good fortune. The fluffy pink ones are mostly placed inside the bedrooms for stronger relationships, whereas the darker red ones relate more to marriage.