Specialist Builder versus Big Builder

Most people say it starts with a feeling. An itch that can only be scratched when you build your new home on your very own block.

Light research then follows. Perhaps around the barbeque, at a dinner party, or while chatting with other parents at your kids’ sports games. And of course, checking out lots of two-storey home designs online!

But however it starts, the urge to build is strong.

So who do you entrust with what is likely to be one of the biggest emotional and financial investments of your life? A big builder or a small specialist company in the style of home you want to achieve?

Take a moment and weigh up the pros of each approach.

The pros of using a bigger, established builder

  • Big builders have usually been in business for a long time. To stay successful and grow, they’ve had to build relationships with reputable suppliers and trades people. In short, the big builder is usually backed by a gun-team that they’ve successfully worked with for many years.
  • A bigger builder is a well-oiled machine. They’ve fine-tuned their processes across each and every department. So your build is likely to happen within expected timelines and to a high standard.
  • A polished, personalised service is provided by a bigger builder. You’ll be given dedicated contacts to manage each stage of your home building journey. And as they are backed up by a team of professionals, minimal disruption will be experienced if someone has time off.
  • You’ll have access to a team of designers who have decades of experience in Perth home building. And this is including personalising plans for fully customised homes. Collective collaboration and sharing of new and innovative space-saving ideas means that your home can be created to include amazing extras you hadn’t even thought of!
  • After-care support is usually built into a bigger builder’s contract. By way of example, you will have the opportunity to provide a list of repairs within a set timeframe from completion. And you’ll have access to a team purely dedicated to managing after-care.
  • You’re also likely to save more with a bigger builder. Buying power impacts the economy of scale and enables them to secure more competitive contracts with tradespeople and suppliers.
  • And lastly, big builders often has a long history of previous clients, so you can determine if people are happy or unhappy with the level of service they have provided, before engaging them.

The pros of using a specialist builder

  • If you want a specific style or type of home built for your family, then choosing a builder who specialises in this kind of building or renovation is ideal.
  • For example, if you want a rammed earth, solar friendly home, then you’ll benefit from working with a builder who specialises in energy friendly building methods.
  • A specialist builder should be well versed in their field of expertise and know how to achieve your goals effectively, without blowing your budget.
  • You’ll also get a realistic perspective on what you want to achieve, as chances are, your specialist builder understands how to deliver on the finer details.

So if you’re looking for a two storey home builder, then search InVogue, Perth’s leaders in two-storey living. Contact us and our experienced team can talk to you about design, budgets, and insights into what to expect from the building process.