Things To Consider When Building a New Home

One of the most exciting, and possibly daunting, things about building your own home from scratch is that you can almost limitlessly customise your space. Some rules must be adhered to, but there are still a huge number of decisions to be agonised over. Well, the InVogue 2 storey home builders in Perth, WA are here to say that it needn’t be agony at all! With the help and guidance of our experts, we hope you’ll see that it actually represents the most incredible opportunity of a lifetime. You literally get to choose the size, layout and style of your ideal house, from top to bottom. That’s something most people can only dream of, so we’ve put together a few tips and ideas to help keep you on track and focused on enjoying this amazing, roller-coaster experience. 

There will be some fundamental options to weigh up at the start of the process and many smaller decisions to make as things move along. If you break them into chunks and deal with them one at a time then the whole process can be a lot easier to comprehend, and a lot more fun! 

All build-sites will be subject to certain physical and legal restrictions and you can discuss these with our 2 storey builders in Perth before making any decisions. Once they’ve given you the basic outline of what can be achieved it’s time to get your thinking cap on. 

Number of storeys 

There are pros and cons to having a house with any number of different storeys, but luckily you’ll be guided by an incredible team of experienced 2 storey builders in Perth who can advise you on any aspect of your build. If your plot space is limited in size then two storeys will give you almost double the internal space and twice the options. A larger family unit will probably benefit from the additional space and privacy that a two-storey house offers and it allows more rooms for that family to potentially expand into in the future. Choosing two storeys means that you could decrease the footprint of the house itself, thereby maximising your outdoor areas. Again, this would be hugely advantageous for some people and not so for others.

Look closely at your lifestyle, any physical limitations, and individual stylistic preferences. 

  • How do you envisage yourself growing into, and inhabiting the space over the long term? 
  • Would you enjoy the increased view from the higher elevation of a second floor?
  • Two storeys are highly desirable and may increase the value of your property exponentially over time – is it an investment worth making for you?

This is one major decision that needs to be thought over and taken carefully. 

Changes can be made years later but, even though you’re in the hands of the best 2 storey home builders in Perth, adding a whole new floor after ten years is something that might prove costly and challenging!

It really all comes down to your personal traits and preferences, so take your time and get this decision right the first time before moving forwards with confidence. 


If you are able to choose the orientation of your new home and it is not fixed by external factors then think about where the sun will be at different times of the day and year. Would you prefer it to shine on one side of the house rather than the other? If there is also a swimming pool to come then this consideration will be of extra importance. 

If the final orientation means that bigger windows are in direct sunlight for longer, thereby allowing more sunshine into your home during the winter months, then you’ll invariably spend less energy heating and illuminating it. In a place that is blessed with as much sunshine as Perth, it would also be prudent to consider installing solar panels, as they can create huge savings over time. 

In the long run, it will be worth contemplating these factors to ensure your new home will be everything you could ever want or need, not just today, but for many decades to come.

Materials and appearance

Once you start on this journey with our 2 storey home builders in Perth there are a huge number of elegant, stylish designs to choose from. They can all be customised to suit your particular wishes and requirements, so it would be wise to spend some time browsing through them and deciding which ones appeal to you the most. 

  • What element of the design is it that speaks to you? 
  • Would it be practical for your own dream home to incorporate these features? 
  • Would the style be in keeping with any existing properties nearby?

Material choices may be limited in certain aspects of the build, but you will always have a say in others. Some materials are much more durable and lower maintenance than others and you will certainly discuss options with your expert 2 storey home builders in Perth when the process begins.  


When it comes to interior design, there are lots of fun questions you can put to our 2 storey builders in Perth once the big decisions have been made and the wheels are in motion. 

  • How will the interior look and feel? 
  • Will it be brightly lit, or subdued and calm-feeling? 
  • Will the walls be vivid and colourful, or pale and neutral so that they can be accentuated with wall art and accessories elsewhere?

It is very useful to visualise moments inside your dream house and how it will look and feel. There is obviously a great deal to take in and think about and it can be easy to get overwhelmed, but rest assured that you are already in the right place. 

You are not alone in your quest to build your dream home – InVogue has put together a team of the most experienced 1 and 2 storey builders in Perth who can answer all your questions and are here to help you every step of the way. Why not get in touch today and learn more about the exciting journey that lies ahead? 

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