A Master Ensuite With A Touch Of Luxe

Bathrooms top the list of home renovations, so when you build a new house it pays to spend some carefully considered time and budget to ensure that the master ensuite is designed to maximise functionality, and timeless style so that you can enjoy the space for many years to come.


To create a master ensuite that is both functional and fabulous, start with how you will use the space. If you share the ensuite with a partner, doors are important! If one partner is a night owl, or an early starter, being woken up by bright lights may not be your cup of tea – not to mention keeping some mystery to your relationship with a door to the WC. If you are both getting ready at the same time, a double sized vanity with either one large, or two regular sized basins could make busy mornings much easier.  

The Alpha Ensuite
The Alpha

Shower, Bath or Both

If a luxurious ensuite is top of your list your new home design could accommodate a walk-in shower with dual shower heads, a freestanding bath with luxurious fixtures such as black or gold tapware, or both. With intelligent design your ensuite could feature a modern wet-room setup so you start each morning feeling as though you’re in a spacious 5 star resort, and with limited glass shower screens, you can do away with the constant cleaning.


Crucial to the function and ambiance in any room, the ensuite is no exception. A combination of both natural light from large windows and LED ceilings lights will work best for applying makeup, shaving etc.

And how about some mood lighting? Wall sconces or pendant lights either side of your mirror will be both bright and beautiful. Or hanging Edison bulbs, and LED strip lighting are also very popular choices in modern design.

Installing a free-standing soaking tub? Up the luxury and install a chandelier in your preferred style for the ultimate in glamour.

Master ensuite upstairs? You could consider installing a skylight for added natural light and wow factor.

perth builder inspiration master suite
The Iris


Your vanity can tie your whole bathroom together and is the key component for keeping your private oasis clear from any unsightly clutter.

By wall mounting an oversized vanity you can have extra space underneath for a basket style clothes hamper, and choosing bespoke mirrors with concealed face-level storage will make the room feel more expansive. If you include powerpoints within the mirrored storage cabinets, you can maintain a much more streamlined look while having a handy place to plug in your hairdryer or electric toothbrush.

The Astor Ensuite
The Astor


Tile choice should never be rushed or made as a last-minute decision, it is a vital component to your master ensuite as the right tile will open up the area. There are many styles to choose from for a timeless execution.

White tiles are popular due to their everlasting elegance and ability to pair with virtually any other tile, choosing to use this as your main tile opens up a wide variety of options for a feature wall.

Style is a very individual choice, but some of the trends that have proved quite popular year on year include classic marble, graphic patterns in black or blue and white – or coloured for the more bold, inky blue or greens for that serene effect, shades of grey and wooden effect.

Tiles are available in various sizes, finishes and able to be laid in many different patterns such as vertically or horizontally laid subway, basketweave, chevron and herringbone – to name but a few!

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