Top Tips For Two-Toned Cabinets In Your Kitchen

Building a brand-new home is a massive milestone for most. The ability to design your dream kitchen – finally! – is a wonderfully exciting exercise. And the kitchen is quite simply the centrepiece to every family home so it certainly merits careful consideration to style in a manner that will serve you now and for years to come.

The world of kitchen design is a delicate balance, should you choose a safe option? Or look to incorporate a modern edge? Clever designers know that just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean you can’t make it timeless!

And that’s how two-tone kitchen cabinets have come to be such a popular choice in new home building. Creating great visual impact and with so many colour combinations to choose from, mixing and matching for the right amount of contrast while delivering a cohesive and attractive end result is much easier than you may think. And there’s no cause for concerns as you can select a colour palette that sits well within your individual comfort zone.

So what’s the best choice for you?

Clean and Classic

A clean and classic look can easily be delivered with two-tone cabinets. Grey isn’t going away and can be a perfect choice for a classic kitchen. There are so many hues to choose from bright and crisp to warm and cozy, there’s a shade of grey that can accomplish your look.

2-Storey Home classic kitchen
The New York

Nordic Natural

The oh-so-stylish Scandanavian kitchen remains popular as it’s modern and simple to execute. The clean lines of natural wood cabinets bring a touch of warmth while embracing a minimalist look of light and bright cheerful elegance.

natural wood cabinets kitchen
The Alpha

Pop of Colour

A pop of colour can be interpreted in many different ways, to suit many different tastes. The options are unlimited but there are some trending colours.

Blue is a standout kitchen cabinet colour trend that is looking to stick around. Blue is a well-known stress reducer that can trigger feelings of peace, calm, and tranquillity. Sound like just what you need in your kitchen? There a many shades to choose from, so the question to ask yourself is what style are you going for? Navy blue is quite traditional and delivers a grandness, while a lighter shade like baby blue will make the space more light, and playful.

And perhaps aimed at the more adventurous, though used extensively in country farmhouse style kitchens in the past shades of green have begun popping up in recent kitchen design trends from retro mint green, muted shades of sage, to bold emerald.

2-Storey House - kitchen cabinet colour trend
Telethon Home 2017

Ground the Space

Not for the faint-hearted, blacks and charcoals are boldly on-trend, elegant, and eye-catching. Predominantly used in lowers, to ground the space but can definitely be used more extensively when balanced correctly with the warmth of wood or the contrast of natural stone.

Ground the Space - Luxurious Home Kitchen
The Iris

Whichever your colour choice, think about inviting in light with simple white or neutral contrasting cabinets, benchtops, splashbacks and accessories to compliment the overall look, taking a cohesive design approach.

Take some time to carefully plan your functional and beautiful brand-new kitchen, consider the layout, materials, design features and your personal style to ensure it all comes together, creating the space that will be the heart of so much to come.

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