Two-Storey Designs for Narrow Lots: Size is No Barrier!

If you’re searching for a home, you are probably thinking that you don’t want a small block, but why? You may think that a smaller lot ultimately means a small home, but this is simply not the case.

Perth based builder, InVogue, has an award-winning design team creating two-storey home designs that maximize the home liveability on smaller blocks, which could be the solution to your house-hunting woes, as a reduction in square metreage does not mean a sacrifice to lifestyle.

Luxury Homes and the Narrow Lot

When you think about it, narrow lots are actually the perfect setting for a two-storey home. InVogue designers have developed a wide range of innovative 2 storey designs that best utilize minimized lot spaces. Each two-storey narrow lot home is uniquely designed, in order to keep indoor square footage high, without sacrificing style.

Each design has been thoughtfully planned to ensure there is good movement throughout. The kitchen, living and dining zones flow freely together and integrate seamlessly with the alfresco for an entertainment zone that is both spacious and inviting. The need for a private quiet zone has been carefully considered with the placement of each bedroom.

The Advantage of Narrow Lots

Narrow lot homes in Perth come with their own list of advantages. For instance, you have less yard work to do. This means less mowing in the hot, Australian summer sun, which can drag on for many months. You will also still have the space to create beautiful and colourful gardens that will increase your home’s street appeal. With large windows that are featured on many of our two-storey home designs, like The Schumacher or from a balcony as featured on The Casey, you can enjoy the view of these gardens from indoors too.

narrow lot 2-storey homes
The Schumacher
The Casey - narrow lot Double storey homes
The Casey

Narrow lots can be cleverly designed to still allow space to have an outdoor seating area. These spaces seamlessly connect your indoor entertaining area to the outside, which makes for effortless and casual hosting. So even with a smaller yard, you would still be able to bask in the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home.

Tips for Maximizing Your Space

Two-storey homes on narrow lots can be optimised so that you are maximizing the space you are given. For instance, if you wanted to place furniture in your outdoor space, you could utilize convertible furniture. This furniture can transform from chairs to tables, lounges and more. Our designs include spacious garages too, so that you can stow away items you only use every-so-often throughout the year.

Inside, you can utilize wall and closet space in order to maximize your storage solutions. Built-in shelves and cabinets can be great space-savers. You can also choose furniture that has storage opportunities too, such as platform bed frames that have drawers and cubbies underneath the mattress. There are endless, space-maximizing choices out there, so living on a narrow lot shouldn’t scare you away from your dream home.

If you are interested in learning more about building 2 storey homes on a narrow lot, contact us. Our team is available to help answer your questions and get you started on building your dream home in Perth.

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