Have You Considered A Fireplace For Your Brand New Home

Is there anything cosier than curling up in front of the fire with a cup of tea, or glass of red? The elegant appeal of a fireplace immediately conjures up images of story-telling, warm comfort, and shared moments with loved ones, a practice that spans far back into ancient history. So it’s understandable why this is still a popular addition when building a brand new two-storey home, even in a city like Perth where the winters are generally quite short and mild.

Including a fireplace in your new two-storey home can enhance your winter life in a number of ways. From the radiant heat keeping you warm to the enjoyment you feel gazing at the flames while listening to the crackling noises and deepening the comforting ambiance of your living space. And if you intend to resell in the future, the good news is a fireplace may increase the resale value of your home.

One of the first things to consider is whether you are interested in the efficiency of ‘mess-free’ gas, or if you want the ‘real deal’ with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Your choice may impact the design of your home as wood-burning could place restrictions on placement so this is a decision to make early.

With so many reasons to include a fireplace in your brand new two-storey home build, there’s only one thing left to do. Pick your favourite style!

Sleek Stone

If your taste is geared towards minimalist styling than a sleek stone surround to the fireplace could be the ideal heating solution you’ve been looking for. The perfect compliment to an open plan designer kitchen, a sleek stone fireplace is a standout feature for family and friends to gather around at dinner parties.

The Iris - building a brand new two-storey home
The Iris

Contemporary Brick

Is simply stunning the look you’re seeking to achieve in your new home? Warmth and wonderful ambiance are accomplished with floor to ceiling low profile Madrid Contempo bricks from Midland Brick, featured on the 1250mm wide gas fireplace.

2016 Telethon Home - Contemporary Brick
2016 Telethon Home

Classic Character

Limestone is an undeniably beautiful and natural material that is both durable and cost-effective. These important reasons ensure limestone is a quality choice to deliver character to your feature fireplace. It’s also relatively easy for a skilled stonemason to carve so if you prefer a more ornate design, limestone would be a perfect choice.

Fireplace For Your Brand New Home
2013 Telethon Home

Modern Render

A modern solution available to today’s open-plan living is a double-sided gas fireplace which can be used to divide a large area in two, defining the space and providing charm and warmth to both rooms. It can also be a cost-effective option over two separate fireplaces as you should only require one flue, and chimney.

new-home double-sided gas fireplace
The Astor

For more information on how a fireplace can be included to improve the enjoyment and liveability in your new home design, contact us and begin to explore over 100 two-storey home designs priced between $300k-$400k.

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