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When considered carefully and executed well, the builds on corner blocks can bring a range of benefits.

Along with the option to subdivide in the future, as well as providing better cross ventilation, corner blocks allow for greater surveillance and better access, InVogue Homes Design Manager Brad McDonald told New Homes.

“The number of neighbours is reduced when building on a corner block. Instead of the usual three, you have just two,” he said.

“This increases the level of privacy and can expand the design possibilities, as there won’t be any overlooking issues with side neighbours.”

Mr McDonald said to avoid leaving the secondary street facade blank and maximise the opportunity to express your own style. The floor plan, facade and site layout rests in the hands of the design stage.

“Corner blocks allow you to make a strong statement with your homes’ elevation. Dual street fronts give you the opportunity to showcase features and finishes on double the surface,” he said.

“The abundance of light a corner block provides is second to none. By having two unobstructed walls, the number of potential windows which can be incorporated into the design will increase natural light substantially.”

Despite the range of benefits which come with building on a corner block, Mr McDonald said to consider the build carefully to make sure it went smoothly and to reap the most rewards.

Local government area secondary street requirements are one to look out for, as well as how to execute the best access for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Another consideration is if the build is placed too close to the secondary street, the outdoor area may not reach its greatest potential.

“It’s important to build with an experienced builder who will help you consider local government requirements around access and secondary street setbacks, as well as a superior design team with decades of experience in maximising the potential of the site,” Mr McDonald said.

This article was written by Greta Andrews-Taylor and published in The West Australian on Monday 17 February 2020.

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