Why Narrow Lots Are Your Best Friend!

There’s no way to avoid it: Perth block sizes are shrinking.

The property market has been trending towards smaller blocks across the board for a while now with narrower frontages and less space to build – particularly in built-up areas close to the CBD and popular outer suburbs.

Larger blocks are being sub-divided, and smaller blocks of land have become the new norm. So, what does this mean for you, the potential home builder? If you’re thinking you will have to sacrifice style and luxury for your home to get that block of land, think again!

Clever builders and designers are creating new ways to take advantage of narrow blocks around Perth. Take a narrow lot, and build up! At InVogue we understand the changing landscape in Perth and we’re meeting the increasing need to create new concepts for those who purchase smaller blocks which are dedicated to maximising available space and ensuring you get your ideal home.

But, let’s back up a bit. Why exactly are narrow lots such a great investment?

Here’s a few hot tips!

What are narrow lots?

Narrow lots are exactly what they sound like: smaller, sometimes tight blocks with limited room to build or extend. But, never fear – a narrow lot isn’t a bad buy! The obvious bonus of a narrow lot or smaller block is the price tag: it stands to reason that a smaller block of land is going to have a lower asking price than a big block. Investing in a small block means that you can save a bit of cash – or you can afford to buy land in an area that may otherwise have been unattainable on your budget.

Benefits of building two storeys on narrow lots

So, we know that buying a narrow lot can save you money in the long run. But why should you build a two-storey home on your brand-new block? Well for starters: space, space, space! You can significantly increase the number of rooms and amount of living space in your home by building up, and ensure that you have enough extra space for future growth.

Worried about a lack of backyard for the dog or the kids to play in? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Building a spacious narrow lot home is very achievable when designed innovatively by a two-storey specialist. It is the perfect way to combine the indoor and the outdoor whilst incorporating an alfresco, games room, sunroom, greenhouse, or even a swimming pool. When InVogue works on designing a new home, we aren’t just looking at the structure of the house itself – we want to make sure you take full advantage of your block, and find the perfect balance between an indoor and outdoor lifestyle all for your enjoyment.

The Alpha Display Home - narrow lots and two storey homes
The Alpha Display Home

Why narrow lots and two storey homes are a match made in heaven

Building a 2-storey home is the ultimate way to take advantage of a narrow lot. The sky’s the limit – literally! At InVogue, our decades of experience have seen us tackle blocks of all sizes, and design a magnificent new homes on even the trickiest lot. Two-storey homes and narrow lots are the best of friends, so why not embrace their powerful bond?

Want to make a statement with your brand-new home? Ready to take advantage of a narrow block and build a house that will make your neighbours jealous? We’re here to help, and are excited to be part of your journey! Get in touch with InVogue today!

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