Custom Home Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends are always changing and evolving, and while personal taste and budget are often the most important aspects of designing and building a custom home, it’s helpful to seek inspiration from the latest trends and embrace new concepts. At InVogue, our two-storey home designs intelligently weave in current trends and modern themes, and our designers are open to collaborating with new home builders to customize a design to incorporate trends that are timeless.

Workbench Islands

The kitchen island has long been a popular feature of a modern kitchen, allowing for a separation of bench space and an extra spot to prepare food. But modern trends have led to the evolution of the traditional kitchen island, now incorporating extra cupboard space, deep drawers for extra storage, prep basins, extra built-in spots to hide away appliances like the microwave, and space for stools or chairs for the family to gather around for informal meals.

Telethon Home 2012 - Interior Design
Telethon Home 2012

Formal Dining Rooms

Separate dining rooms have been a thing of the past for some time – until now! Demand is growing, with designers now weaving them back into open plan custom homes, ensuring dining rooms can be closed off if desired or accessed easily when the need arises. Embracing the formal dining room means dedicated space for fabulous dinner parties, or festive occasions to get out the rarely used china, and a way to sit the family down for dinner that doesn’t include a TV in the background.

Kitchen Splashbacks

The importance of a splashback is so much more than just wall protection above your stove top, they often wrap around the kitchen to define the area and to add finesse to your custom kitchen. Design to your unique taste choosing from a variety of materials from stainless steel to marble or even a sturdy glass window pane if your kitchen backs onto a garden or outdoor space. Tile is a long-time favourite due to durability, the enormous range of colours and textures as well as multiple ways to lay such as sleek subway tiles, herringbone, chevron or basket-weave patterns.

Telethon Home 2016 - Home Interior Design
Telethon Home 2016

Statement Mirrors

It’s no secret that statement mirrors are all the rage in the interior design world at the moment – and not just for the bathroom! Installing a mirror over a mantlepiece, in a lounge space or formal dining room, and throughout bedrooms can add to the décor, make a room feel more expansive and express your individual style. Choose a unique shape or frame and accommodate the colours of your home in the design!

Coloured stainless steel

Stainless steel is the finish of choice in commercial kitchens as the sleek look is just a side benefit to the easy-to-clean surface. But savvy new home builders are embracing the look in design as distributors begin getting a little more unique by incorporating colours – black is popular, with bronze coming close behind. Don’t be scared into thinking your kitchen will feel cold or sterile as stainless steel is incredibly versatile, it can be embossed to add texture, or mirror finished to encourage light to bounce around, and you can easily add in some natural materials to bring warmth with wooden cupboards and open shelves for example.

There are always new trends popping up to incorporate in a custom designed home. Ready to build a new home and want to learn more? InVogue are the leaders in 2-storey living, our team are experienced, knowledgeable, and here to help. Get in touch today!

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