Predications: The Interior Design Trends Set to Stun 2021

Predictions- The Interior Design Trends Set to Stun in 2021

It is time to discover and indulge in the new design trends that are set to take over in 2021. A new year brings new trends and a new way of life. It is the year for stepping out of your comfort zone and to try some or all of these design trends. To find more, read on!

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  1. Timber Finishes

The timber look has always been around whether it be a dining table or an arm chair, but have you ever thought of using timber as a finish for your walls and ceiling?

The Scandinavian inspiration style is the heart of simplicity. It has embodied a sense of both minimalism and functionality. The welcoming natural sense of timber creates a warm and cosy feel. As the timber is a natural finish, it is one of the simplest materials to pair furniture with. It will leave you with a blank canvas.

InVogue has a range of timber finishes that will suit you and your new home. It is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and join the 2021 trends. Your journey begins here.

  • Grey

Grey- the colour for the year 2021. A cooling neutral tone that reflects the 1930s popular surface element polish concrete and has been embraced by the design and architectural world ever since.

The minimalistic and pared back colour tone not only brings warmth into the area but is the base to all else added to the room. It is known as a starting colour. From light grey to dark grey, it will set the mode and tone of that room.

To pare grey with the Hamptons-inspired home, a pale grey would be used with timer finishes and cool white accents. This is how InVogue designed their Hamptons-inspired home the Calverton.

  • Natural elements

We are all inspired by the things around us to why not bring that inspiration into the home. In today modern-technological age, we want to connect with nature more, and there is no better way of doing so then with natural and earthy tones within the home.

This new vibe creates a sense of relaxation and ease. It is time to embrace the earthy tones with a coloured feature wall or featured furniture. 2021 will teach us to reach out and to step outside of what we already know. Being different and standing out is the new ‘blending in’.  InVogue will be there for you through every stage of your home building process. Even choosing your wall colours. So, let’s start this trend today!

  • Modern Industrial
The Iris

The modern industrial design is one of the most sought after designs due to the richness of colours and the raw and paired back finishes.

It takes you to a deeper and darker place, embracing the textures and materials used to create the look. This contemporary styled design aspect will create a mood in your home. This design aspect will allow you to experiment with rich heavy furniture like brown leather couches and concrete coffee tables. Your new home will have endless possibilities.

Don’t be afraid to add dark colours and textures into your new home. This adds depth and a sense of maturity. It is time for you to experience the modern industrial look with InVogue.

  • Vintage

Antiques to retro items, the vintage look covers a wide range or eras. To be sophisticated with the vintage looks requires the less-is-more approach. It is about highlighting the finishing’s and using it as the foundation to your style.

The vintage style is more personal. You can add pieces that mean something to you or that have been passed down through the family. A large jarrah book shelf is an example of how you can use a vintage piece and create a modern look with it by complementing it with rich fabrics and statement lighting pieces.

InVogue will work closely with you to ensure your new home represents you.

  • Luxurious Neutrals

Welcome to the year of maximising the minimalism through the use of these luxurious neutral colours.  
It is time to declutter the house and let the purity shine through.
It is time to embrace the quality of the materials.
It is time to let the decor speak for itself.

Start 2021 by decluttering your home and starting fresh. This is the year of allowing statement pieces shining through and your home becoming a work or art. InVogue is here to help you achieve this through the colour selection process.

And now it is your time to take onboard the 6-top predication for interior design for 2021 and make it a reality within your home. InVogue is here to guide you through this process. Contact us today!

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