The 6 Home Design Trends That Defined 2020

The unpredictable year of 2020 took the new home building market through a lot of changes to interior styling trends and design modifications influenced by the way new home buyers were spending much more time working and living within the home. InVogue designers are leading the pack on creating a highly functional yet contemporary styled homes, which still offers family flexibility and comfort which has rapidly become the new trend. Are you ready to read what the 6 emerging trends were in 2020? Read on!

1. The Home Office

The changing situation around the world and within society has led to one of the biggest new trends in the year 2020 and that is the practicality of a dedicated home office. Gone are the days of having a small desk in the corner along with the spare bed and other random items of furniture.

This trend has brought in a new understanding of working from home and the importance of separating your work life, from your family space.

When building and designing your new home office, it should be a reflection of who you are, your interests, passions and aspirations. This allows you to create more freely and to feel comfortable within your new working environment. A functional space that places you to tap into the Zen mode of working.

You can read more about the rising popularity of the Home Office right here.

2. Bold Coloured Furniture

Bold coloured furniture is one trend that has come and gone over many decades, and for right now, it looks like it is here to stay.

With neutral-coloured walls and floor coverings, many have turned to their furnishing pieces to make the statement within the room. From burnt orange to royal blue chairs and couches, these pieces of modern art will spark interest and conversation.

The empowering choice of these bold colours demonstrates confidence within the home. Now is the time for change, so why not start with your furniture choices!

3. Wall Art

Wall art is a beautifully unique way to personalise your home and feature your style within any room. The year 2020 saw a trending occurrence of using wall art extensively throughout the home, rather than minimised to traditional spaces.

Flower patterned wall paper with posed family photos are out, and bold statements with mismatched frames to family lifestyle pictures are in.

From sleek line art attractive for those who are minimalists and prefer to use the power of negative space to create a dramatic visual statement, to abstract pieces that combine different shapes and colours to create a sensual and bold impactful statement.

Choosing the perfect piece of wall art for your home is a wholly personal decision and it should be a clear representation of who you are and your individual lifestyle choices.   

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4. Hampton Style Homes

A big welcome to the Hampton styled homes, though it’s popularity certainly pre-dates 2020. A trend that has grown to become a phenomenon within Perth due to the harmonious love of beachside living, and will continue to move with us as we enter into a new decade.

The coastal design has evolved from the traditional blue and white vibes to the cooling crisp white with the hint of earthy greens, blues and greys. The traditional Hampton style has been adapted to the Perth lifestyle and dovetails perfectly to the surrounds.

The Hampton style home is charming and effortless, creating a statement of simple sophistication. It is the perfect family home or holiday getaway but more than just a home, it is a captivating way of life that leads itself perfectly to coastal living in Perth.

5. Double-height Ceilings

Creating a luxurious entry way or living space is easier than it has ever been. Do you want to know the secret? Through the intuitive design of a double-height ceiling is how InVogue home designers create luxurious and grand open spaces.

Not only is a double-height ceiling seen as a grand piece of visual art, but it creates space. A statement void within a home that is sure to provide a space of clear thinking, increase energy levels and an overall sense of happiness.

The light that is captured within these open spaces bounces from wall to wall creating a wonderous sense of tranquillity. Not only is this a selling point within the home but it allows a more abstract feeling of thought. The double-height ceilings are engaging and a visual attention seeker that detects our desire to observe and wonder.

6. The Fireplace

A classic fire place has had a transformation in 2020. Like all design features, the fireplace has evolved. No longer is it the bulky item within the home that requires lots of space, the fireplace has transitioned from the classic wood-burning models to a cleaner, gas fireplace. As technology develops so does the fireplace.

The quality and finishes of modernised fireplaces not only ensures the quality of heat, but also provides a sense of design as an added feature to the home whether your style is contemporary, or more traditional. Through the use of gas fireplaces, the location of the fireplace can be an individual choice as the options are less restrictive. Mess free and sleek in design. The need for a fireplace in your home is here.

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If you’re dreaming of a brand-new home including all of your favourite trends, InVogue can help you get your double-storey forever home. Search 100+ designs between $300k-$400k or speak to one of our friendly team members about your ideas now at (08) 9202 9202 or contact us.

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