Take Your Home To New Heights With A Double Storey

Want to take your new home build to the next level? Then a 2 storey home might be your best option. The push for higher density living is real and more people in Perth are choosing to build up than ever before.

From taste preferences and lifestyle requirements to block size and budget, there are several factors you need to consider when deciding whether to build a double storey home

Benefits of building up

Make the most of your narrow lot

Lot sizes have been getting smaller and smaller over that past few years, with the average Aussie home now sitting around 186.3 square metres. So, with the property market trending towards these narrower frontages on subdivided blocks, particularly in built-up areas close to the CBD and popular outer suburbs, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. 

Builders and designers like InVogue are envisioning new ways to take advantage of this trend is by getting creative, applying intelligent design and building up. And it makes total sense – by stacking space instead of spreading out you don’t have to compromise on green space and can choose a floor plan that suits your needs perfectly.

With a narrow lot double storey design, you can achieve a sense of space which wouldn’t be possible with a single storey on the same block. For instance, you can:

  • Maintain good sized living areas and bedrooms
  • Leave room for greenspace and and alfresco dining area
  • Gain extra space for an indulgent master suite, scullery to the kitchen and extra storage space under the stairs – the extras that you always wanted for your dream home 

The choice is yours

Double storey design gives you more control of the layout. There’s a whole range of configurations that become available when you decide to build up:

  1. Traditional layout – Where living spaces are located downstairs and the bedrooms and bathrooms are located upstairs
  2. Reverse layout – To capitalise on magnificent views, the kitchen and living areas are located upstairs and the bedrooms and bathrooms are located downstairs

Whichever solution you choose, two floors make it easy to create distinct areas of separation between zones, to give you multiple options for both relaxing and socialising.

This brings us to our next point – life stage. It’s important to choose a home that will grow with you. So, ask yourself: How will you ensure your home is suitable for this next phase of your life? 

Why not have the guest or master bedroom and ensuite downstairs and the children’s bedrooms upstairs, so you can have your own private retreat apart from the rest of the house? This is a popular option for families with teens because it offers a better separation of living areas.

Or perhaps you can have all your bedrooms located on one level and the living areas located on the other. This is perfect for entertainers because it provides a greater sense of privacy to the family quarters while still allowing you to enjoy the fruits of open plan living.

How’s the view?

Imagine this: You’re sitting on your balcony on your favourite chair with your favourite cup of coffee, watching the sunrise on a mesmerizing Perth morning. Or swap that coffee for a cocktail if that’s more your style – Perth is well known for its stunning sunsets. Can you feel the serenity?

You can make this your daily ritual when you choose a double storey design. Building higher gives you greater opportunity to maximise any views that the property might have,be that city, river, ocean, park or vineyard. 

It can also improve natural light available, by rising out of the shadows, which is why a lot of homeowners are opting to flip the script and put their living areas on the top level for reverse, or inverted living.

Another thing to consider is kerb appeal. Two storey homes have a more impressive appearance, giving you stunning street presence. Also think about the style of the homes around you. The only single storey home surrounded by two storeys might look a bit out of place!

Choose InVogue

At InVogue, we pride ourselves on designing statement double storey homes in Perth and surrounding areas that you won’t be able to drive past without getting in that second look. As Perth-based, family owned new home specialists, we have an unwavering commitment to the interests of you and your family, the homeowners. 

Here’s just a few of the many reasons why you should choose to work with InVogue, the double storey builders in Perth: 

  1. Reputable brand – The leader in 2 storey living, InVogue is the name you know and trust. As part of the Residential Building WA family, backed by the JWH Group, one of WA’s largest home builders, we pride ourselves on our second-to-none service.
  2. Experienced team – Established in 2003, we have an award-winning team boasting more than 100 collective years’ experience in the building industry.
  3. Affordable price – You can rest assured you’re going to get a whole lot of home for an excellent price when you choose InVogue. With 100+  2 storey home designs are priced between $300K – $400K, so you can guarantee that what you see is what you get. 
  4. Flexible design – We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and perhaps one of our 2 storey home designs doesn’t suit your needs perfectly. That’s no problem! No matter your stage of life, we can customise our designs or even start from scratch to personalise a plan completely to your unique needs and tastes.

The sky’s the limit with a double storey design by InVogue. Contact us today

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