To Build New or Buy Established

Whether it is your first home, you are upgrading or simply downsizing, there is one aspect that needs to be taken into consideration, and that is; to build new or to buy an established home. At InVogue, we are here to help make the design and build process a breeze. We will be working closely with you from start to finish to ensure we deliver to you your perfect home.

What to know more about the choice of building new or buying established, here it is:

To build new

Designing your own home is a dream to many and it can become a possibility for you. From choosing the floor coverings, blinds, the style of the kitchen and even the alfresco and outdoor area, this home will be a true representative of you.

There is one main positive when building a new home and this it knowing everything will be brand new. You are the first to step foot on the carpet, the first to cook on the stove top and even the first to take a bath in your new ensuite. The certainty of cleanness is there. 

When building your new home, you know exactly what is going on, therefore you will not have any grey areas. From knowing your aircon is new and serviced to knowing your pipe work is certified and also serviced, you will have a smooth transition into your new home.

You will have the choice of which suburb you live in, the street and the type of house to go with it. You are in charge of how your home will be presented on the street. You will be proud of your new InVogue home.

Choosing the style of house. Whether you are into the Hampton’s style, art deco or a contemporary styled house, building your own home means you can make all the choices.

Building a new home may take time, but at the end of the day it will be a home that you are proud of and you can call your own. It is a home that you have put time and effort into and at the end of the day it is the home of your dreams, whether it is your first home, an upgrade or a downsize.

When buying established

If you are looking for a house in an established community/ suburb then buying an established house is for you. All of the style choices will be made for you therefore the home is move-in ready. However, when buying a pre-established home, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration.

One important aspect is that your new (but established home) will be outside of warranty. Therefore, if a structural fault were to occur, it will be up to you to provide a solution. A solution that will cost you time and money.

There is one big aspect that you need to be careful about when buying an established home and that is all the DIY renovations. There is no evidence if it had been professionally done or even done to the codes and standards. These renovations can be disguising bigger issues they lay under the surface of the home.  

Talking about renovations, buying an established home often means you will be settling for certain rooms and layouts, therefor renovations of your own will be made. If done correctly and up to the codes and standards, the renovations can be costly and timely.

When looking for an established home for you and the family, it can be an exciting time going to home opens and looking through all the amazing homes, although you will be spending more time looking for the right house in the right neighbourhood compared to designing and building your home.

Whether you are building new or buying established, the main thing is that the home suits you and your lifestyle. If your dream is to build your new home then InVogue is here to help and guide you on your new home journey. From the design to the build phrase, we will be there with you throughout every stage.

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